Aluminium Foil Tapes

Aluminium foil tape is the go-to foil tape for numerous applications across a broad range of industries. Aluminium possesses excellent chemical and heat resistance. It is largely unaffected by exposure to many acids and bases (alkali) and maintains its mechanical resilience up to temperatures of 500°C. In terms of shielding effectiveness (S.E.) aluminium is not as effective as copper. This is due to its lower level of conductivity. The tough nature of aluminium's oxide layer prevents it from being soldered. Due to these characteristics, the aluminium foil tapes are used most frequently in shielding applications for motors, cables, cabinets, antennae & components.

PPI 901 Aluminium tape with acrylic adhesive (various thickness versions available)

PPI 9015 Aluminium tape with electrically conductive adhesive

PPI 9016 Double-sided version of PPI 9015

PPI 9020 Embossed aluminium tape, conductive through adhesive, lowest contact resistance

All the above tapes are available with a removable interliner and also in DIE-CUT format.


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