Copper Foil Tapes

Copper foil is currently used for a wide range of applications in the electro-engineering industry owing to its excellent conformability, high electrical conductivity, and shielding capabilities. Copper foil can be soldered, which makes it ideal for simple grounding applications. Double-sided tin-clad copper is used where maximum resistance to the external environment is required. The tin layers protect the copper foil from corrosion and also provide improved solderability. Applications for electrically conductive foil tapes include EMI/RFI Shielding, electrical grounding, static charge draining & electrical cabinet shielding.

PPI 9110 Copper tape with non-conductive adhesive

PPI 9115 Copper tape with conductive adhesive

PPI 9116 Copper tape with conductive adhesive on both sides

PPI 9120 Embossed copper tape, conductive through adhesive, lowest contact resistance

All the above tapes are available with a removable interliner and also in DIE-CUT format.


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