PPI can offer tailor-made solutions for many of our customer’s applications. Differential double sided tapes are used where varying levels of adhesion are required across both sides of the tape.

Typically, differential tapes can have a high adhesion permanent adhesive on one side for high bond strength, while the opposite side is a lower tack adhesive associated with temporary holding or bonding depending on the nature of the materials to be bonded.

Differential double sided adhesive tapes are reliable products from PPI Adhesive Products Ltd. We offer them in various sizes and with different surfaces to suit the need of every professional.

RD-449 Double-sided tape for overlap splicing applications, ideally suited for bonding dissimilar surfaces (e.g. silicone to non-silicone). The RD-449 series is available with many types of interliner options, to facilitate die-cutting requirements and various application techniques.

RD-449 is designed for bonding silicone rubber based membrane switches. The silicone adhesive side bonds very well to this material and the acrylic adhesive side readily bonds to the rigid polyester film.

RD-172 The low tack, low adhesion side allows mounting of the tape to metal, plastic or glass and even after long term aging the tape can be cleanly removed without adhesive residue. In contrast, the opposite side has very high adhesion and tack. RD-172 is used in temporary bonding, mounting and splicing applications (e.g. photopolymer plate mounting on foam coated sleeves for printing processes).

RD-1018 Polyester tape combining Rubber/ Resin adhesive on one and Silicone adhesive on the other side. The rubber/resin based adhesive has been specifically formulated to have optimum adhesion to low surface energy materials like polyethylene and polypropylene.

RD-1045 Double-sided tape combining Rubber/ Resin adhesive on one and Acrylic adhesive on the other side.

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