Double-bond Acrylic foam tapes

This product range is based on acrylic foam tapes which are available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. The conformability & cushioning aspects of these products, combined with their excellent high performance bonding properties, to a wide range of substrates, make them ideally suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Due to their high degree of clarity, the clear double-bond products are ideally suited for bonding to glass or transparent plastics where a coloured bond line is unacceptable. Applications include double-glazing, safety glass, conservatory manufacture, plastics design & display features/cabinets.

The coloured acrylic foam products (white & grey) are most suited for the automotive industry, the furniture industry and for use as a mounting tape for plastic or metal sign manufacture for many interior & exterior applications. The coloured acrylic foam tapes are often selected for aesthetic reasons in order to suit the particular colour of an automotive trim or plastic component that requires fixing, so that after bonding the tape will not be as noticeable.

DB products - A comprehensive range of high adhesion tapes based on acrylic foam which are available in a variety of thicknesses and colours (Clear Transparent, White, Grey & Black).

DBP products - A series of high adhesion tapes based on polyester film for wide variety of substrates

DBT products - A range of thinner acrylic & silicone transfer tapes use for permanent bonding and fixing applications, including mounting nameplates, membrane switches PCB assemblies and general fixing applications in consumer electronics. Silicone adhesive laminating tape can be used for temporary or permanent attachment of materials or components during high temperature processing.


Mounting and Laminating
Adhesive Bonding


Automotive Industry
Other Industrial Tapes
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