General Masking and Protective tapes

PPI SP-139 Based on polyester and a silicone free adhesive, SP-139 is suitable for masking and surface protection applications. For example, the protection of metal plates or PC boards during storage or transportation. It can be cleanly removed from any surface without adhesive residue. It has been approved for several niche applications, for example, as a powder coat masking tape for bus-bars used in transformer manufacture. It resists temperatures up to 180°C (356°F), short term..

SP-661 Protective masking tape with a very low tack acrylic adhesive, suitable for the temporary protection of components against scratches, knocks and discolouration due to fumes.

PPI 904-6 A masking tape with applications in both painting and paint stripping operations. The aluminium foil backing provides excellent surface conformability and impermeability to moisture and aggressive chemicals. Therefore, it is unaffected by exposure to paint or paint stripping chemicals. PPI 904-6 has found widespread acceptance in a number of repair/maintenance applications, particularly in aircraft maintenance.

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