Heat Activated Transfer Adhesive Tapes

Heat activated adhesive transfer tapes also offers higher temperature resistance and is considered to be a more permanent attachment solution. Used as laminating adhesive for high strength permanent bonding of metals, plastics and cloths. Excellent adhesion to PVC. The cured adhesive is heat and solvent resistant. Heat activated transfer adhesive tapes are available in different sizes and different versions with enormous strength.

Heat activated adhesive transfer tapes are often used as splicing tapes during the production of floor coverings and textiles. After thermosetting these products can resist high processing temperatures and environs. Thinner versions of these products can also be used for implanting processes used in the production of smart cards and dual interface cards. Non-conductive & electrically conductive versions are both available.

RD-594 Heat curing nitrile rubber/phenolic resin adhesive transfer tape.

RD-461 Version with thin layer of adhesive suitable for lightweight substrate splicing.

RD-573 Tackier version of RD-594. Build up adhesion bond strength more quickly and at lower temperatures.

RD-685 Transfer tape recommended for the splicing process used in the manufacture of woven glass fabric materials.

RD-614 Version of RD-594 without filler. Suitable for splicing of thicker substrates.


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