High Adhesion Double Sided Tapes

PPI’s range of high adhesion double-sided tapes is used for mounting and laminating applications across many industries. Combining high tack, high shear, and high adhesive peel strength, the double-sided tape exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. This makes it particularly suitable for many bonding and splicing applications.

RD-365A Double-sided self-adhesive tape based on polyester that exhibits very high tack and high adhesion and is used as mounting and laminating tape for both smooth and rough surfaces.

RD-697 Polyester film coated on both sides with a polyacrylic adhesive that combines both high adhesive strength and excellent high-temperature shear strength. The tape exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and is particularly suitable for the permanent bonding of metals and glass.

RD-421C Double-sided tape suitable for mounting, splicing, and bonding of paper, metal, and plastic surfaces. Because of its high adhesion rubber-based adhesive, RD-421C is particularly suitable for splicing and bonding to low energy surface plastics (polyethylene and polypropylene films)

RD-289A High tack, double-sided tape with special fleece reinforcement. The tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive which combines excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces (e.g. metals & plastics), with very good long-term UV and age resistance. Ideal for general purpose mounting and splicing applications where instant adhesion is required (e.g. splicing of glass fiber mat used in the production of floor coverings).

RD-1021 Very thin polyester double-sided acrylic adhesive tape for delicate materials.

SP-459 Double-sided polyester film coated on both sides with a silicone adhesive specially formulated to give a very high initial grab to silicone surfaces. SP-459 is therefore particularly suitable for overlap splicing of siliconised papers, films, and other materials with poor adhesion characteristics, where high initial adhesion and good shear are required.


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