Low ESD Masking Tapes

Electrostatic discharge is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short or dielectric breakdown. A build-up of static electricity can be caused by electrostatic induction.

Generation of static in the proximity of static sensitive devices can have a damaging effect on such devices. As a result of this, antistatic tapes which do not generate ESD during roll unwind or application or removal are used in these environs. Applications include masking during conformal coating, reflow solder processes and sealing of PCB’s or components into anti-static bags.

RD-512D Translucent polyester adhesive tape with acrylic static dissipative adhesive. The special static dissipative construction of RD-512D ensures that during tape unwind and removal of the tape from a variety of plastic substrates, static charges of less than 20 volts are generated. Suitable for use in production areas where a static free environment is required e.g. printed circuit board assembly; sealing, repair and labelling of anti-static bags for circuit board and component packaging; mounting of electronic components and circuit boards during testing procedures.

RD-575 Anti-static polyester masking tape with silicone adhesive layer, resistant to high temperatures and many solvents and chemicals.

RD-042D Anti-static printed circuit board and conformal coating masking tape. Based on polyimide film coated with a special surface conductive adhesive. Static generation during unwind and application is eliminated.

RD-707 Anti-static protective masking tape with low tack acrylic adhesive suitable for use in production areas where a static free environment is required. Low tack version of RD-512D. Suitable for temporary protective masking of components or devices.


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