Oil Filled Transformer Tapes

PPI 1710 Polyester film laminated to glass cloth with synthetic rubber adhesive. Used as outer wrap for coils and in general insulation that require high impact and tensile strength in both directions. Heat class: B.

PPI 1711A Polyester film laminated to glass cloth with thermosetting acrylic adhesive. It features a higher tack for oil filled transformers and is resistant against most transformer oils when cured as recommended. Heat class: B.

PPI SP-799S High tack and instant adhesion version of PPI 1711A. SP-799S features a high tack adhesive in combination with a smooth, tight roll unwind strength. When applied, wrapped and cured (as recommended) SP-799S provides a permanent insulation layer that is resistant against most transformer oils. Heat Class: B.

PPI RD-974D A mono-directional glass filament / special paper & transformer oil resistant adhesive. This is a high tack, instant adhesion tape product which, combines excellent tensile strength, with high adhesive strength and exceptional oil resistance once cured. This tape is an ideal transformer wrapping tape which eliminates the possibility of trapped air between tape layers leading to corona discharge.


• Core, Layer and Final insulation of coils and oil-filled transformers.

• General electrical insulation requiring high impact and tensile strength.


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