Paint & Powder Coat Masking Tapes

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd. is a key manufacturer of high-quality masking tapes for the paint and powder coating industries. We have 50 years experience in the development and manufacture of "problem-solving" tapes and die-cut pieces, offering our customers the competitive edge they need in a progressive market place. Our masking tapes for the coating industry are used throughout the world because of the reliability that these tapes offer.

While our standard paper and polyester film-based tapes readily fulfil the requirements of many low to medium temperature masking applications, we can also produce products that can operate in the most demanding (+200°C) high-temperature areas. Likewise, we offer reinforced polyester film based tapes for the higher temperature ranges plus we have very high-temperature resistant polyimide film and or glass fabric based tapes that can withstand thermal spray processes.

Within the PPI Group, we have our own die-cutting facility, Technical Adhesive Product Ltd. (TAP), where we can process our standard tapes into intricate die-cut pieces. We currently have numerous standard shapes (circles, squares, etc) that we can use to produce the required masking die-cut piece. These pieces allow our customers to mask even the most complex areas rapidly and efficiently without resorting to dipping or having to apply liquid masks.

PPI SP-510 is recommended as a general-purpose polyester masking tape for powder coating applications. Available in a range of thicknesses, PPI SP-510 enables fine line masking to be achieved and leaves no adhesive residue when removed. Resists baking temperatures up to 200°C (392°F).

PPI 1022 is a polyester film-based tape with a silicone adhesive, which has excellent temperature stability and long-term removability even after heat exposure. It is widely used for powder coating and vacuum bagging applications since it can resist temperatures up to 180°C for up to 16 hours and yet is removable without adhesive residue.

PPI SP-459 is based on a polyester film coated with a high adhesion silicone adhesive layer. This product has the highest initial adhesion (tack) of these tapes and therefore this product is favoured where rough or uneven surfaces have to be masked. Is an ideal fine line masking tape in the composite industry.

PPI 255 is a silicone adhesive masking tape based on crepe paper. It offers excellent flexibility and is resistant (short term) up to a temperature of 200°C.

PPI RD-487G is based on a polyester film / flatback paper laminate which is coated on the polyester side with high-performance silicone adhesive. Ensures fine line masking edge even when applying thick powder coated layers.

PPI RD-714 is based on reinforced polyester film construction. This, in combination with a high-quality silicone adhesive layer, ensures perfect masking of a wide variety of surfaces even after exposure to temperatures up to 200°C (392°F). RD-714 is particularly suitable for direct masking onto powder-coated surfaces for multi-layer coating applications.

PPI 701 combines a polyimide film with a special silicone adhesive. This tape has a very high heat resistance and is capable of withstanding baking conditions of up to 300°C for 1 hour and is residue-free on removal.

PPI 8415 is based on a woven glass fabric base coated on one side with a high-temperature resistant silicone adhesive. The glass fabric offers the highest abrasion and mechanical resistance of all of our tapes thus being capable of resisting the severest of surface pre-treatment and coating processes.


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