Plasma Spray/ HVOF Masking Tapes

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive range of durable masking tapes for the thermal spray industry including Plasma spray and HVOF (High-Velocity Oxygen Flame) processes approved by leading Aerospace companies worldwide, Rolls Royce, General Electric & Pratt & Whitney.

PPI plasma and HVOF masking tapes have been designed to withstand vigorous grit blasting processes and harsh spraying conditions at extremely high temperatures. Due to the high-performance silicone adhesives used, our masking tapes have excellent surface adhesion and will not lift during processing, ensuring a fine sharp edge every time on the thermal sprayed coating.

The PPI multi-laminate tapes possess the highest thermal endurance of all the products within the PPI range. These robust products are used to resist the harshest grit blasting and spraying processes including HVOF. These products can eliminate the need for multiple layer masking, thus reducing costs, and are residue-free upon removal, eliminating the need for further cleaning/processing.

Die-cut profiles can be manufactured to customer’s specific requirements that can save valuable time during masking.

Glass cloth masking tapes

PPI RD-692 / RD-692B & PPI 8415 Glass Cloth / Silicone Adhesive

These products are based on a single layer of glass cloth coated on one side with a layer of high-performance silicone adhesive. Various degrees of adhesion can be achieved. The glass cloth offers excellent abrasion and mechanical resistance. Used for general plasma masking applications.

RD-692 is a high tack version of PPI 8415. Due to its high-performance adhesive, RD-692 is recommended for use in specialist applications where good initial grab/adhesion to difficult surfaces and materials is required.

PPI 8416 Double-sided Glass cloth / Silicone Adhesive

PPI 8416 is based on a glass cloth coated on both sides with a silicone adhesive. This product can be used as primary masking in conjunction with a secondary overwrap of another type product.

Multi-layer products combined with heat resistant Glass fabrics & Metal foils

PPI LM-745 2 Layer Glass cloth / Silicone Adhesive

LM-745 consists of 2-layer glass cloth (RD-692) laminate coated with silicone adhesive. This tape has improved abrasion and mechanical resistance and can resist harsh grit blasting processes as a result. Due to its robust construction, LM-745 also offers increased thermal protection and can reduce the time required during masking where multiple layers are normally required.

PPI LM-681 3 Layer Glass cloth / Silicone Adhesive

Offering the ultimate protection of the glass cloth range, LM-681 consists of a triple-layer glass cloth (RD-692) coated with silicone adhesive. The product is still conformable and has a high resistance to cut through and abrasion.

PPI 9815 Aluminium Foil/ Glass cloth / Silicone Adhesive

A combination of aluminium foil with glass cloth, the aluminium surface reflects radiant heat while the glass cloth reinforcement provides very high tensile strength. The aluminium/glass cloth substrate is highly conformable which allows the operator greater flexibility when masking intricate shapes. Interlayer adhesion is very good when overlapping.  PPI 9815 can be used as a temperature resistant masking tape in plasma/HVOF applications and can withstand even the harshest grit blasting and “shot peening” processes.

PPI SP-2321 Silicone Rubber / Glass cloth / Silicone Adhesive

Silicone rubber backed glass cloth product with silicone adhesive, SP-2321 is a highly flexible tape that has excellent interlayer adhesion. The reinforced glass fabric possesses excellent heat resistance. The silicone rubber surface helps to protect the tape during grit blasting. PPI SP-2321 is supplied on a removable interliner.

PPI LM-743 & LM-744 Multi-Layer Glass cloth / Copper Foil / Silicone Adhesive

Consisting of multiple glass cloth layers with copper foil laminated in between, these products are the most robust of all the PPI types and can resist the most rigorous and demanding grit blasting & coating processes. Despite their overall thickness, these tapes are both conformable and malleable and have the unique ability to be formed to a shape to assist with delicate taping procedures. The increased thickness also helps when depositing a thick coating to the metal surface. LM-743 & LM-744 are primarily used for HVOF masking applications.

For those applications where the quick stick is required, we also produce the PPI RD-692B, LM-745B, LM-681B and LM-744B these are higher tack versions of the PPI Plasma Spray Masking tapes product range.


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