Single Sided Splicing Tapes for Industrial Use

RD-203E High shear splicing tape. The synthetic rubber adhesive combines high adhesive strength with high shear strength making it particularly suitable for a variety of splicing applications. Suitable for splicing of polyethylene and polypropylene films.

SP-510 Standard polyester butt-splice tape for splicing silicone coated substrates (siliconized papers, films, and other materials with poor adhesion characteristics)

SP-459 Silicone adhesive-based splicing tape specially formulated to give a very high initial grab to silicone surfaces. It is particularly suited to splicing of siliconised papers and films where high initial adhesion and good shear are required.

RD-678 Polyester-based splicing tape is silicone release coated on the film side to ensure continuity of release over the splice surface. The reverse side of the tape has been coated with a special high-quality release designed to release all materials including silicones. Used for splicing master rolls of silicone paper which will be later used in the manufacture of leatherette products.

RD-706-X Polyester tape coated with polyacrylic adhesive with both high adhesive strength and high shear strength. This makes it particularly suitable for a variety of splicing applications.


Web Splicing
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