Thermally Conductive Tapes

Thermally conductive tapes are designed to provide preferential heat-transfer between heat-generating electronic components and cooling devices such as fans, heat sinks, or heat spreaders. They are also used for thermal management of high-powered LED’s which can run at high temperatures, thus increasing the efficiency and reliability of the system. They come in various sizes and various versions, we offer also double-sided thermally conductive tape. Very effective and reliable used by all the top professionals in the industry.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are thermally conductive materials that are applied to increase thermal conductance across jointed solid surfaces, such as between the PCB and heat sink, in order to increase thermal transfer efficiency.

RD-339C Aluminium foil based tape coated on both sides with thermally conductive acrylic adhesive

RD-628 Thicker adhesive version of RD-339C. Available in rolls or die-cut format. 

RD-548 Thermally conductive acrylic transfer tape non-woven fleece carrier. Available in roll format.


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