Tin Clad Copper Foil Tapes

Tin Clad Copper is based on a layer of soft copper foil sandwiched between two thin layers of tin. The tin surfaces provide improved environmental resistance in comparison to a pure copper foil surface and at the same time, both are easily soldered. This particular foil construction is always recommended for those applications where maximum shielding effectiveness combined with good environment resistances are required.

PPI 9510 Tin-clad copper tape with non-conductive adhesive

PPI 9515 Tin-clad copper tape with conductive adhesive

PPI 9516 Tin-clad copper tape with conductive adhesive on both sides

PPI 9520 Embossed Tin-clad copper tape, conductive through adhesive, lowest contact resistance

All the above tapes are available with a removable interliner and also in DIE-CUT format.


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